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S-185 Course Payment and Registration
         (Only $31.00) 
Receive an instant downloadable certificate complete with a wallet card sized one which you may cut out and laminate.  Add $5 if you would also like us to mail you an extra wallet card.

$31 - I only require the instant, downloadable certificates including a smaller, wallet card size one which I can cut out and may laminate.

$36  I would also like to have an extra, "hard copy" wallet card sized certificate mailed to me.

It does not matter who actually pays for the course, but the individual taking this online course must be present in order to complete the simple registration and take the course.  Once payment is made you will be unable to go back.

After payment you will be "taken" to the S-185 Section 1  Introduction.

Thank You

Administration Access (no fee but contact us for password)

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