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S-185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance & Safety Approved Online Course
(S-185 Hosted Primary Quiz)

Another  FAST-TRACK COURSE for those who have completed this course multiple times

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This course will teach the participant the basic principles of fire-line safety and in particular, those safety rules pertaining to avoiding a fire entrapment incident.  

It is expected that if all fire-line safety rules and regulations are followed, the need may never arise for a fire fighter to have to unexpectedly resort to “last ditch” efforts to save their or other’s, lives.

However, it is well documented where unexpected fire behaviour does occur.  In some of these documented cases, several lives have been lost.  

It is the goal of this course to ensure that even when the “unexpected” occurs, the fire fighter will know what to do and where to go and in the end, be safe and be alive.

Note: The British Columbia Forest Service – Protection Branch, no longer issue Fire Shelters to their fire crews.  Therefore, all fire fighting strategies factor this into the emergency; withdraw and escape procedures as there is no fire shelter available.

It should be noted and remembered that most fireline emergency incidents are a result of someone (or a whole crew) not following ALL of the safe work procedures.


Upon successful completion of this course the participant will know how to avoid fire entrapment and in the worst case scenario, will be taught how to survive fire entrapment.

  1. The firefighter will be taught safety procedures and practices which will assist him/her to never be entrapped by wildland fire.
  2. The firefighter will be taught what to do in the worst case scenario of being trapped by wildland fire.


We consider this e-learning course to be a very thorough and complete compilation of all the similar S-185 material and concepts (and updated with even more information) It can be delivered as a stand-alone course to an individual at home or at work, and it may be used by a wild land fire contractor or instructor as supplemental material for their pre-season, S-185 and Safety workshop or lesson plans.

The S-185 course is an annual requirement for any wildland firefighter employed by a contractor who is planning to work for the Ministry of Forests, Wildland Fire Management Branch in British Columbia, Canada

This course is targeted toward any person who may be involved professionally (their primary job description) fighting wildland fires.

The professional examination system is the same as is used by larger educational institutions.  Presents fair assessments and aides to prevent cheating.

Table of Contents

1.0 Course Objectives & Overview

2.0 Fire Entrapment Definition

  • entrapment
  • avoidance
  • 3.0 Causes for Entrapment

  • fuel
  • weather
  • topography
  • human factor
  • 4.0 How to Avoid Fire Entrapment

    5.0 Fire Entrapment Survival

    Short Quiz

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    Think ahead


    "If In Doubt  

    Back Out!"


    Remember Kenny Roger’s song, “THE GAMBLER”

    “...You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em,

    “folding” is knowing when to cease operations on a particular portion of the fireline and to pull back to designated safe zones.


    You must be very clear on the difference - lives will be at risk if you do not know!